Hello Virtuous Queens,

Virtuous Cosmetics is a line that was inspired by a woman by the name of Lakeya Mitchell. She is a woman that exemplifies what being a virtuous woman is and how to carry yourself with class and dignity. When there are obstacles that may come your way; always do things God's way. Knowing you will glow through it all. We will provide affordable makeup to all looking to bring out their beauty in a greater capacity. Our line for both kids inspired by my daughter Shy'a and adult line inspired by my mom Lakeya is designed to make every consumer feel like the royalty they are. Whether it be through our lip glosses, eyeshadows or even our glamourous glitters. These breath-taking royal glow enhancers will surely bring out royalty in anyone who uses it.

Its Divine Line Collection (pigmented)

Our Pigment lip gloss is full of life with amazing colors while providing you with long lasting moisturization for an evening out or your everyday look.

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Radiant & Beautiful Collection

This line of glosses have a holographic look. Your lips will shine whether in sunlight or sitting at home you’ll be sure to feel good as well as look good. 

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Abundant Fruit (scented)

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